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Date: Thursday, October 12, 2000


An Albany man accused of beating a man to death with brass knuckles will be sentenced Monday on counts of manslaughter and drug possession.      Andrick Nesbeth, 23, formerly of Dana Avenue, faces between six and 18 years in prison when he is sentenced by County Court Judge Larry Rosen.

     In August, Nesbeth pleaded guilty to a felony count of manslaughter and drug possession rather than face trial on several charges, including murder and burglary.      While Nesbeth, a maintenance worker for Park Row Apartments, maintains he was with two female friends at the time of the brutal beating, he opted for the plea bargain after a jury convicted his co-defendant of manslaughter in July, said Nesbeth's attorney, Randall Kehoe.      The co-defendant, Griffith Browne, acted as a lookout on Dana Avenue while two others beat 51-year-old Lamont Thomas, leaving him naked and unconscious in his apartment. Police, alerted by moans, found Thomas inside the apartment on July 13, 1999, a day or two after he was attacked. Thomas died four days later at Albany Medical Center Hospital.      Prosecutors allege the killing arose from a dispute over drugs. A third suspect was never arrested. Browne also is awaiting sentencing. -- Kim Martineau

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